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Terms of Sale

Agreement for Sale and Purchase:


     You must be 18 years or older to purchase a gecko from us. We reserve the right to refuse the sale of our geckos to anyone that we consider unfit to properly care for them.


     All sales will be made on our Online Shop. There will be a Customer Contract attached to the bottom of the Invoice. The Invoice will be in the Order Confirmation Email that you will receive once checkout is complete. The Contract needs to be electronically signed to finalize all purchases and schedule shipping. Large international transactions may be sent via Bank Wire Transfer. If there are any issues with online checkout, please contact us. Geckos will be sold to the person from whom we first receive payment. We will not hold a gecko for any reason without payment. 


     30-day Payment Plans are available on geckos over $500.  A 30% non-refundable deposit is required to begin all payment plans.  Please contact us to initiate a payment plan. 

     Once the sale is final you will not be able to return or exchange your gecko for different one. All sales are final. No exceptions.

     It is your responsibility to have the balance paid in full by the agreed upon deadline. Failure to pay on time will result  in the termination of the agreement. The gecko will be re-listed and the deposit forfeited.


     By purchasing a gecko from us you are acknowledging that you have read and fully accept these terms, which will be  documented by the electronically signed Contract.


Domestic Shipping:


     Shipping is $60 flat rate. We ship our animals through 'Reptiles2You' to 49 states (excluding Hawaii). Shipping is ALWAYS Priority Overnight. The Customer Contract must be signed before shipping is scheduled. 


     Currently we will only ship to your nearest Fedex Hub for a HAL (Hold at Location). We still offer the option for you to  chose Residential Delivery with the stipulation that you electronically sign a Contract. This Contract will state that you are  agreeing to all live arrival and health guarantees being voided. This will only be temporary.

     We ship our reptiles in 1/2" styrofoam insulated boxes with or without heat pack and/or Phase 22 packs at our  discretion as needed to keep them safe. There is no extra charge for heat or Phase 22 packs. We reserve the right to  postpone shipping at our discretion until weather conditions on our end, your end, and all hubs in-between are favorable  for the safety of your gecko. We are located in New England and experience drastic winter and summer months so our  shipping windows are limited! On Sundays we check all customer weather and schedule shipping. If you are awaiting  shipment during Summer/Winter months and you haven't heard from us in a while it is most commonly due to unsafe  shipping conditions. We won't forget about you! Due to potential delays which could result in fatalities, we will only ship  on the following days:

 - Monday for Tuesday arrival

 - Tuesday for Wednesday arrival

 - Wednesday for Thursday arrival


     We will ship when temperatures are between 32 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. We check that we have proper shipping  temperatures on both ends of the process as well as the shipping hubs in-between. We monitor weather conditions to  make sure that there are no storms that could delay the animal at the hub. We will hold your gecko/s until temperatures  are acceptable free of charge.

     Special shipping requests such as Residential Delivery / Temperatures over or under our shipping guidelines will  require the e-signature of a separate Contract voiding live arrival and health guarantees.

International Shipping:


     Available to select countries at the expense of the buyer (inquire to see if shipping to your country is available). The  customer must schedule and let us know the export date within 30 days of payment. We ship through a third party in the  U.S. and our liability ends once the third party receives the gecko. Live arrival guarantee and heath guarantee are both  void when shipping internationally. All international customers will have to electronically sign our "Export" Contract to  proceed with the transaction.



Live Arrival Guarantee:


     DELIVERY TO HUB: We anticipate customers to be at the specified FedEx location when it opens for business that  day. If you are not able to be there at the 9:00 a.m. or 9:30 a.m. open time, you MUST inform us before we ship your  animal or no guarantees will be made. 


     You must send us an email, text, voicemail, or Facebook/Instagram message letting us know that you have received  your gecko/s within 30 minutes of delivery. If the animal is DOA, you must send us 4 CLEAR photos of the animal within  30 minutes of delivery: 1 from the top, 1 from the underside, 1 from the right side, and 1 from the left side.  If we  determine that the animal was DOA due to our error, we will replace the gecko with a gecko of equal value.

     We are not responsible for carrier delays or loss of package. NO credits or refunds will be given if the carrier were to lose or damage the package even if the carrier error results in DOA. Shipping charges are NEVER refunded.  


Health Guarantee:


        We guarantee the heath of our animals for 48 hours after delivery. Should an animal pass away within the 48 hour  time frame, you must provide official documentation from a licensed veterinarian as well as 4 CLEAR photos of the  animal: 1 from the top, 1 from the underside, 1 from the right side, and 1 from the left side. Documentation and photos  must be provided via email, text, or Facebook/Instagram message within 48 hours of delivery of the animal. If we  determine that the cause of death was not due to circumstances while the animal was in your care, we will replace the  gecko with a gecko of equal value.





      All sale photos are NOT edited (outside of cropping) and are taken to represent the true color of the gecko. We try to  fire up the geckos before photos but they do not always cooperate. No additional photos will be taken before or after the  sale.







        All babies under 5 grams will be marked as unsexed. All babies between 5-10 grams will be loop sexed to the best  of our ability. These geckos will be marked as NPV ("no pores visible”) if we do not see pores and will be marked as PPV  ("possible pores visible") if we do see pores. This is NOT a guarantee of the eventual sex of the gecko. Sex is NOT  guaranteed for any gecko under 15 grams regardless of how the sex is described in the listing. If the animal is sold as  having "no pores visible" and the animal ends up showing pores between the sale and delivery date, there is no guarantee and no refund or credit will be made. Gecko weights are rounded to the nearest whole number. We will not pore sex the gecko again after it is listed for sale.





      All of our geckos are being fed multiple flavors of Pangea Complete Gecko Diet (CGD) and are offered calcium  dusted crickets twice a week.


Tail Loss/Drops:


     Tail drops are a natural occurrence for crested geckos. It is a defense mechanism where they can "throw" their tails for  all sorts of reasons (sometimes no reason at all). Loud noises, pinched tails, and too much handling are some examples  of situations in which we have encountered tail drops. It does not affect their value or their ability to breed.  


     During the time between the selling of the gecko, the ship date, or during shipping we will not guarantee or refund tail  drops for any reason. No exceptions.


Terms and Termination:


     If one of the parties chooses to end the Agreement prior to product delivery, the customer is responsible for paying for  all costs incurred up until that date. No refunds will be given. No returns, no exceptions.

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