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  • "JaLo-9" - From Mirkwood Geckos collection. Beautiful light red/pink base red spot dalmatian. Has a heart shaped red spot under its chin. Fires up darker red. Tons of bright red spots! The red spots are SO vibrant. This is an awesome gecko. The parents aren't obviously spotty but the babies from these two are some of the best red spot dals we have seen. See the fifth picture for the dad, Jack Sparrow. See the sixth picture for the mom, Lorien.
  • 7.8 grams
  • Possible Pores Visible
  • DOB: 8/25/22
  • Jack Sparrow x Lorien
  • Produced by Mirkwood Geckos
  • $60 Flat Rate Shipping

JaLo-9 - Mirkwood Geckos

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